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Fitness Trackers Review

Why Buy an Activity Tracker?

Exercising is hard, but tracking your progress doesn't have to be. Even if you are starting from the couch, a fitness tracker counts your steps and motivates you to exercise more throughout your day without drastic lifestyle changes or fad diets. The best fitness trackers monitor your workouts and display information about your daily routine on your smartphone or on the screen of the device itself. Instead of stopping to calculate your heart rate or manually tracking the distance you've jogged, let an activity tracker record and display it for you.

By simplifying your workout with a fitness device, you're actually increasing the likelihood of losing weight, pacing yourself during a marathon and improving your overall health. The Fitbit Flex, Withings Pulse 02 and Fitbit One are some of the best fitness trackers as they're easy to use, comfortable to wear and accurate in their analysis of your fitness progress. If you're still looking for motivation, check out the latest fitness tracker articles for some extra inspiration before you head out on that jog you've been meaning to take.

Fitness Trackers: What to Look For

Fitness trackers are perfect for any major or minor fitness goal, including losing winter weight or training for a triathlon. Using a fitness tracker can help you reach the finish line. There are, however, certain aspects of the best activity trackers that can increase the effectiveness of each workout such as helpful features, a comfortable design and an easy-to-use interface.

Tracking Features
The best fitness tracker devices do just that – track your fitness. Helpful tools found on the best devices include a step counter, distance tracker, calorie counter, heart rate monitor and speed. Some even offer sleep monitors and a lap timer to help monitor all aspects of your health. Accuracy is another key component to fitness tracking and some devices perform better than others. However, the accuracy of your step count and calories burned depends on individual measurements such as your age, height, weight and gender.

When you're out for a run or a bike ride, you don’t want to bring along the kitchen sink. A fitness device that is discreet and lightweight is much more convenient when it sits unnoticed on your wrist or clipped to your workout clothes. If you’re absentmindedly adjusting an annoying tracker with every lap, your concentration suffers and the experience will be much less enjoyable. Many of the best trackers allow you to customize the strap size, swap the band to one of a different material or even carry the device sans band or clip in your pocket. The very best activity trackers are also versatile enough for any activity whether you're jogging, swimming or sleeping.

The main point of using a fitness tracker device is to enhance your workouts and make them easier to accomplish. If your tracker is confusing or hard to use, you'll be less motivated to reach your fitness goals. Many fitness trackers have built-in screens, history and statistics tracking, and vibrating alarms. Either from the backlit screen or from the easy to use app, you should be able to check your progress at a glance without distracting you from your exercise session.

Apps & Accessories
What really makes a fitness tracker fantastic is the accompanying app. All of the fitness trackers we reviewed track your movement with the device and send it to your account either on your smartphone or online. Before selecting a fitness tracker, make sure the app has all of the features best tuned to your workout and habits. Also, many activity trackers are only compatible with certain operating systems on either Apple or Android phones, so be sure to check phone compatibility as well. Some trackers even have smartphone controls and sync with your favorite fitness apps like Lose It, MyFitnessPal and Map My Fitness.

Accessories like convenient chargers and included manuals also help make your fitness tracker easier to use. Extra wristbands and other wearable accessories help you customize your fitness band to your particular fitness regime.

Help & Support
The best fitness devices are easy to set up and use throughout the life of your device. For the best support, look for a manufacturer that offers email and phone support so you can ask questions about your device. An included manual, or downloadable instructions, is also great for helping you sync and use your fitness tracker. A lengthy warranty is helpful should your band break or your device malfunction.

Personal fitness devices take the guesswork out of your workout. By letting your device track your heart rate, calories burned and steps taken, you're free to focus on getting in shape and enjoying your health.